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Intimacy |  The Fitzrovia Gallery | July 2022


regroup Collective presents Intimacy, a group show featuring the work of 20 artists across painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking and performance at Fitzrovia Gallery, London. This is the second show from a diverse group of artists seeking to establish an ongoing and evolving dialogue.


The interdisciplinary thinker and philosopher Luce Irigaray believed that intimate listening, 'the special listening we might reserve for the words of a lover', could create a space for existence: 'I encourage something unexpected to emerge, some becoming, some growth, some new dawn, perhaps.' (Irigaray, 1996, 116-117). 'intimacy' includes the work of artists who, like Irigaray, are listening for something unexpected to emerge from a stillness. The works at Fitzrovia sit together quietly, as if contemplating a disturbance, or a becoming. Figures appear to be resting or pondering a move, objects with small, hidden crevices recline or reside as organic experiments — organic forms respond and call out delicately to each other.



Paulina Anzorge, Sarah Chalkie Cloonan, Maria Cohen, Jiaxin Duan, Helen Elizabeth, Hugh Goodfellow, Reda Grigaraviciute, Leila Lebreton, Loraine Monk, Jennifer Moore, Emily North, Margarida Pinheiro, Jeremy Scott, Jo Gabriele Sheppard, Pawel Tajer, Francisco Timóteo, Gemma Thompson, Sama Yahyazadeh, Marta Zanatti, Mengmeng Zhang

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