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regroup Collective  |  Espacio Gallery | November 2022

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This show marks the first anniversary of the regroup Collective, a group formed in the Autumn of 2021, comprising many artists working in a variety of mediums such as sculpture, painting, print, and drawing.


The collective grew from the need to create a community supporting recent MA graduates of the Camberwell College of Arts. 


Over the past year, regroup Collective has succeeded in engaging with the London Art Scene, by collaborating to deliver multiple stimulating exhibitions, showcasing the rich body of work created by its members.


regroup at Espacio Gallery promises to be another exciting event, presenting a range of new work with a somewhat more reflective tone; regroup members have reflected on their place in an ever-changing world through their chosen medium. Through each unique artwork, the maker expresses themselves, and invites us to engage with what it means to be an artist in today’s world, whether on a personal or political level, with the two often intertwining in these artist’s practices.


regroup Collective. November 2022.

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