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Ego Dialogue  |  Greatorex Street | November 2023

16th November 2023.jpeg

regroup artists:

Paulina Anzorge

Sarah Chalkie Cloonan

Maria Cohen

Hugh Goodfellow

Alex Long

Loraine Monk

Jennifer Moore

Luisa Mascaró

Augustus Nweke 

Margarida Pinheiro

Jeremy Scott

Jo Gabriele Sheppard

Pawel Tajer

Sama Yahyazadeh

Marta Zanatti 


The second regroup collective exhibition of 2023 sees it's artists engaging with ideas surrounding Ego Dialogue. It is an opportunity for them to reflect on the interconnectedness of their work and identity. This exhibition aims to engage participants in a reflective dialogue as they seek to deepen their understanding of the interplay between creative output and sense of self.


Attendees of this event will have the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the complexities of artistic expression, particularly regarding identity and participation in the regroup Collective.


We welcome you to join us as we open the doors of our last show of 2023.


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