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Flux  |  Espacio Gallery | April 2022

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flux is the inaugural exhibition of the regroup collective. This is a diverse and energised group born from the need to create an inter-supportive community post art school composed by 2021 MA Fine Art graduates from Camberwell UAL. Through making and exhibiting, the regroup collective has the aim to create new opportunities for its members and an ongoing dialogue within the contemporary art world in London. 


Paulina Anzorge, Jiaxin Duan, Helen Elizabeth, Nicolau Garrido, Hugh Goodfellow, Reda Grigaraviciute, Leila Lebreton, Yi Lin, Loraine Monk, Jennifer Moore, Emily North, Gus Nweke, Margarida Pinheiro, Jeremy Scott, Jo Gabriele Sheppard, Pawel Tajer, Francisco Timóteo, Gemma Thompson, Mel Woo, Alex Long Yuan, Marta Zanatti, Mengmeng Zhang

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